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Making Contact with aliens is little different than contacting friends with like interests down the street. It's just that the street is a long one and you've never been down the thing before.

About Communication
Communicating is a great thing

About Visitation
It is very hard for aliens to visit the Earth, for the earth is a little tinny dark pebble orbiting an unremarkable star, and space is big, so big that a chance encounter between the Erarth and a space ship is just about imposable.

The best way to get noticed in space is do something really big so that everyone else out there will see you. There is a danger though of attracting atention you're not wanting. However there is also the problem that, the energies involver in doing some "thing really big" that would get noticed bay lots of people, are hard to gather or generate.

About Abductions
I like Aliens many of my best friends are aliens. It conserns me that a lot of the people I meet seem to be of the opinion the the aliens are not friendly, most aliens don't really care about Earthlings and what they do. I can assure you that a supper evolved speices capable of space travel is not going to waist they're time and efforts comming to the earth to mutilate a few cows in the middle of the night. Nor are they going to land right by some poor unsuspecting soul whom no one ever going to beleive and stut up and down infront of him wearing silly antena on their head and making "meep meep" noises

Aliens are things (people) from away. they may not be known to us now but they could be soon

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2005 December 28