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The Sir Reginald Lime-Lime Story: Page 02

As you already know, Sir Reginald is a bird watcher of sorne note. He has kindly consented to let us reprint a few of his rarest, rnost extraordinary "finds". The sketches are frorn Sir Reginald's own hand.

MERMAN'S THRUSH. Commonly known as the show bird. This little lady will dance all night (if you feel like applauding all night!) Only the female of this species is inclined to sing and dance and, though her voice is lousy, it "carries" and that's what counts at the front(and on Broadway.)! RED AND GOLD ARMINGTON'S WALL- UP (NEARLY EXTINCT) An extremely shy, timid bird. The Wallup was sitting on that big branch when Sir Reggy started to sketch. The Wallup flew away immediately and Sir Reginald, not one to admit defeat, completed sketching the tree-Wallup or no Wallup.

© The Pillsbury Company 1967 Printed in U.S.A.

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2012 September 16