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Cutting and Fitting the Grand Aissiette
The Figures

Figure 5. The bulbous chest fashionable in the 14th century was, as far as we know, the result of layers of padding stitched into the doublet. I have discovered however, that a rectangle of bulky fabric (quilting or medium weight terry toweling) about 24" by 40" will produce just the right shape when folded twice and placed over the chest inside a shaped doublet. Make the first fold width wise, then fold diagonally, mismatching the corners by several inches. This is placed over the chest with the double points on either side of the neck and the ends wrapped around under the arms. I'm not tossing out my hand quilted doublets quite yet, but when the temperature climbs or I'm at a camping event this arrangement makes providing myself with changes of fresh clothing much less time consuming.