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Charles de Blois
Cote-hardie, called the Pourpoint of Charles de Blois (d. 1367). This garment is a fabulous thing to see, it is tailoured and formfitting and it must have been a remarcable thing to see in its day.

the Pourpoint of Charles de BloisThis is almost certainly not an arming doublet but a civil doublet of the highest quality. It is made of silk brocade with gold threads and lined with linen canvas. It is quilted throughout, probably stuffed with cotton. This doublet could date from any time c. 1365-1410.

the Pourpoint of Charles de BloisA new photograph which shows the true form of the pourpoint of Charles de Blois, who died in 1634. Because he had been regarded with variation the pourpoint was preserved and it is likely , therefore, to have been worn by him at about the time of his death.

the Pourpoint of Charles de Blois
here is yet another image of the thing.

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