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There are a great number of ways to decorate for clothes. Many are very simple and a few are fabulously complex. Though a little ornamentation to your garb will go a long way to puting it over the top and wowing your friends.

Dagges are a great form of decoration, were the edges of a garment were cut into diverse jagged forms varying from simple V-shapes to complex leaf designs. Dagges look fantastic giving a three-dementional acsent to the hems of your cape, hood, tunic, gown, sleeves, and tippets.

A fast and simple decoration, parti-colouring were the garment is divided vertically down the centre one half of one colour/design and the other half of a different colour/pattern. If divided again horizontally it is called quartered, can also be divided diagonally as well.

Heraldic adornment is brobably the most ornate ornamentation that can be done to your clothes. This is done by giving it the look of your coat of arms. Can be embroidered, apliqued, printed, woven or the design sew in to the garment. Either way you do it it may be very complex to do.

A combination of heraldic and parti-coloured decoration, were A pattern where a certain colour of the motif and its ground are reversed in another part of the design. A form of decoration especially fashionable in the fourteenth-century garments.

There are other forms of decoration for clothes but I'm not going any further now.

See other way of decorating you garb.


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