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The sleeves of the Cotehardie and Houppelande are very interesting as they are contemporaneous and so different, but they are not. For they are so different, The Cotehardie has tight fitting talored sleves aspering to be a second skin, and the Houpellande has huge flowing voluminous sleeves, Wearing both garments can be hot, some people sew a pair of Cotehardie sleeves into teh same arm hole as the hopelande sleves However I find it very handy for the Houppellande is fake sleeves worn under the big sleeves Remember that most of the time a Cotehardie was worn under a houppelande. These fake fitted sleaves will make it look like you are wearing the one under the other, but it will be more comfortable and cooler. I have several sets of individual sleaves with eyelets at the top and by useing a simple yoke I can tie matching or partti-coloured sleves to the yoke and pull on the sleeves before getting in the Houpelands, and it looks like I'm wearing both.


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