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As far as leg covering are concerned in the early period they did not wear "tights" loss fitting trous (pants) are easiest and inexspensive, however if you have the time and the inclination to make fitted bias cut legging or even knit some then that's good, send me pictures please. For the most part a simple pants patern cut a lot long is all you'll need. This lends itself to that great look of the cross gartered pants, I really like this look and I have worn it mundainly many times. To cross garter you legs you'll need some extralength in the leg, the bigger you are the more you will need, you need enough so it billows out at the knee. this billowed out fabric helps you move and bend your knees and greatly improves the comfort. Now the garters have to be long, very long, mine are over 30 feet long, whitch when you figure my calf is around a foot around that's enough to go around 14 times. What you will want to do is to start with the middle of the garter at your ankle, gather the cuff of you pant leg as well as you can I use a short peice of cord just to hold it, I also do the same below the knee to temporaraly hold that in place too. Then startign either on the front or the back of your ankle (try both you'll find you may like one over the other, or you don't care, About a third of the people I know who do this a lot start at the back anothe third like the front and the rest don't have a preference?? It all comes down to the archtecture of your ankles) go around the ankle twice "SNUGGLY" to start, then with both hands keep wrapping up your calf, try to keep them an even distance apart Again keep it "SNUG" not too tight..when you get up to the knee go around twice and tie it off in front or better yet on the outside just under the knee line. try it several times you'll get better at it and it will make sense and be very natural in a short time. By starting at the bottom and going up it will hold itself in place very well, it surprises me every time, but going from top to bottom will fall abart very fast and then you'll hate it

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