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Older Garb
This page will look at the clothes people wore from the early days till the time of end of the authority of Roman a period ending arond AD450 c.e.. What is commonly called the "the fall of Rome" was a monumental happening, it changed everything. Even though it was not so much a fall as it was a fizzling out. . This is a period very much outside the SCA, however it has a lot of cool stuff in it and it's worth a brief look at anyway.

I've said it many time and one more can't hurt, so I'll say it again the T-tunic is a
bag with sleeves and a hole for your head.
and that's not a bad thing, there is a lot to be said for simplicity

Now if I've left you thinking that there are few or no choices of garb in this period

So what do we have to choose from to cover ourselves
These'll be your primary body covering, lots of choices here
The stuff to cover your legs
Gota cover and protect those clodhoppers of yours
Garb for the inclement weather
Somthing to cover your head

One thing I can't streess enough is that the fabric you use is an important choice you make. It is no more work to sew your garment of denim as it is to use a tapestry fabric, but the "fancier" fabric will turn heads. As well as historicaly it would mean you are of higher nobility or richer.

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