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The Original Cabin
Early Days Gallery
These pictures of the land, well, driveway, road, shed, posts, are of the stuff from before and including 2001 Spring when I build the pump-house over the well. This is when I got into this "project."
the Model Gallery
Before building the cabin a scale model was built and this gallery has some pictures of that model.
1st Build Session Gallery
2001 Autumn, We built and insulated the floor, the framing and the roof, got it shingled too.
2nd Build Session Gallery
2002 Spring, We framed and insulated the walls, installed the manufactured double hung windows.
3rd Build Session Gallery
2002 Autumn, I finished framing the door and made the door, we also installed the manufactured windows and finalised the rest of the window framing.We finished the floor and tilled the door end and installed the wood stove, I framed a plumb door and made the door.
4th Build Session Gallery
2004 Autumn, We installed cedar slab siding, cut and installed the rest of the windows & door and interior details like benches on two wall wich fold out into beds. (I could not do any building in 2003 because of other commitments.)
5th Build Session Gallery
2005 Spring We built a fence around and between the buildings so Dory, Mom's greyhound, can run free
The Fire Gallery
In 2005 Summer, the cabin was struck by lightning and burt down, these are the pictures taken after the fire and the clean up after the fire.
The New Cabin Rebuild
1st Re-Build Session Gallery
2005 Autumn, still cleaning up after the fire and preparing the site for the new cabin. Cleared the site of rocks and leveled the ground, and sunk posts for the foundation. got trailer for sleeping.
2nd Re-Build Session Gallery
2006 Spring, Final preparations for building the new cabin, carport for building materials, also work on some outbuildings, sunk the posts for the kitchen
3rd Re-Build Session Gallery
2006 Autumn, building begins, framing & insulating the floor, framing the roof, this was done in nine days.
4th Re-Build Session Gallery
2007 Spring, porch and floor done, framing and insulating walls and roof.
5th Re-Build Session Gallery
2007 Autumn, Chimney hole in roof and shingles, also the door frame.
6th Re-Build Session Gallery
2008 Spring, chimney and lightning rod installed, work continued on the interior and the bench/beds and the door frame was finished, also the floor tile installed.
7th Re-Build Session Gallery
2008 Autumn, window framing and windows installed, the door was built and hung, stove also installed, last details of the bench/beds and their shelves were also finished.
8th Re-Build Session Gallery
2009 Spring, will continue internal and external details. will be working on my little trailer house...
9th Re-Build Session Gallery
2009 Autumn, will continue internal and external details.
10th Re-Build Session Gallery
2010 Spring, will continue internal and external details.

There are several Eco-Cabin picture galleries because we generally worked on the cabin in the Spring and Autumn, when the weather and insects were tolerable. So the galleries are divided by various building sessions, This Gallery is an overview of pictures of the whole building process.

Miscellaneous Gallery
Miscellaneous pictures from the original Cabin build Sessions
Kitchen Gallery
pictures of the kitchen
Other Galleries
What ever pictures that didn't fit in the miscellaneous category, which is none.


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