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2007 October:
Planing the following
door framming
Floor tiled
Stove & chimeney
windows installed

2007 September: (See 5th Re-Build Gallery)
Roof sheathing done
Walls & ceiling close
Door framming started.

(New Gallery)
2007 Spring: (See 4th Re-Build Gallery)
Roof eves framming
Wall insulation
Wall sheathing
Roof insulation in
Window Framming
2006 Autumn: (See 3rd Re-Build Gallery)
New cabin construction begins
floor and frame went up fast
as did the roof framming
9 good days in October
2006 Spring: (See 2rd Re-Build Gallery)
Still cleaning up
a few set backs
Preperations to rebuild
2005 Autumn: (See 1st Re-Build Gallery)
Cleaning up the mess
New Foundation

2005 Mid July:
Cabin Burned Down
the cabin was hit by lightning and burnt down. Saddened, we desided to rebuild. Changed the design, layed new foundations and improved several other things, the new cabin will be much better.
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      Welcome to the Eco-Cabin website. Way back in the 70s Mom found a little advertisement for a book about this small cabin that can be built by two people. Well mom's wanted this cabin for twenty-five years About a year earlier she got holes dug and posts sunk to suport the cabin. They sat there for a while but lik most projects the first cut is always the hardest part of it all. while I was there in May 2001 to build the pump and utilities building (PUB) a building to cover the pump and hold a bunch of gardening tools. At one point waiting for a delivery of lumber I took the saw over to the posts of the eco-cabin foundation and cut them all to the marks and they all came out fine :o) In April 2001 we started to build an Eco-Cabin. So this site will document our progress in construction, our expeirences learned from the construction and some suggestions if you'd like to build your own Eco-Cabin.
So You Want To Build An Eco-Cabin

Building the new cabin
Build Log for the new cabin

If you do build an Eco-Cabin you will have a strong sterdy and stable building, with only a very few right angles in it.

(more to come)

I thought long and hard about putting the original book on this web site and I figured well this is greenpeace and the are a littl more open about copyright, and for a bunch of other reasons I have few concerns about making it available. Especialy since I beleive it is no longer findable any way. So here is the original Eco-Cabin book, a little ajusted to show better on the Weeb.

(If you are someone involved in making the original Eco-Cabin book or know someone please contact me.)

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