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Building a Geodesic Dome Home!
Photographic Chronicle of us building our new house little by little...

Dome Inc. ~ Geodesic Dome Home Builders

of a Fractal Nature

Symmetry and Symmetry Breaking

Geodesic Dome Home
In 1986-1987, we built our geodesic dome home. It was purchased from Cathredralite Domes which is now out of business. I have had many requests for pictures, so I have created this site to illustrate various parts of the construction process. This site is linear, so you should go through the show in order. The pictures are rather large, and take a while to load in.

A Rainproof Geodesic Dome for Burning Man
This is a cool site by Tamara Munzner

Geodesic Dome Home Project Book

Geodesic Dome Education
Geodesic dome structures, invented by R. Buckminster Fuller, have been called “the strongest, lightest, and most efficient means of enclosing space yet devised by man,” by the American Institute of Architects, but very few schools mention them. Yet the general geometric and scientific principles involved (which I have simply expressed in this article) are well within their teaching capabilities.

These are sources for starplates known to me on the Weeb.

Home of Starplate Building System Connectors from Strombergs
Starplate Connectors allow you to create a strong, simple framework for buildings based on the geodesic dome. Scaleable, material efficient and self scaffolding - Starpaltes are perfect for anyone needing a small buidling solution. From the good people at Strombergs Chickens

Starplate, The DIY geodesic framework system
Easy to assemble DIY geodesic framework for carports, garden sheds, woodsheds, gazebos etc..

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