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original drawing by
David Sarvis

Go to Tempus' Weeb Page Two types of Toga here the first is cut like a segment of a circle. That would be the first of these drawings to the left here, I it can be cut as an arc but the center is not on the strait edge but beyond it. The center drawing (II) is a pattern for an imperial toga the last drawing shows (III) folding info

The Imperial Toga is the my favorite toga

Etreme length (AB) girth +  2 & 3/7 units
Width of each end (Aa & Bb)  1/2 unit
Length of srait upper edge (EF)  6/7 unit
Length of srait lower edge (CD)  1 & 5/7 units
Extreme width (cd)  2 & 5/56 units
Width of sinus (cQ)  27/28 unit
Width of lower section (dQ)  1 & 1/8 units
The instructions for draping a Toga are quoted, directly or indirectly fromThe Roman Toga (Wilson) The toga must be carefully adapted to the size of the wearer; to accomplish this Miss Wilson has evolved a system of individual measurement. By "unit" is meant the measurement of the wearer from the base of the neck in front to the floor, taken with shoes on. The "girth" measure is taken at the waistline. The dimensions AB (length) and cd (width) are the measurements which must be most carefully taken,

So by doing all the measuring right you can get your own Toga of this type.