Field Divisions

The field (background) of a shield (or, indeed, of a charge) may be of a singal tincture (colour) or comprise combinations of parted and varied fields.

A parted field is one that is divided by the pricipal lines of partition.

A varied field is composed of a series of geometrical divisions; usually six in number.

Unlike charges, neither parted nor varied fields are depicted in relef. That is because the colours are not layered but are side by each, which is why there are sometimes two or more colours on the field aof an arms this does not violat the tincture rules because the are not colours on colours but beside one another.

Parted Fields
Per BendPer Bend Ermine and Purpur
Per Bend SinisterPer Bend Sinister Potent and Peen
Per ChevronPer Chevron
Per Chevron InvertedPer Chevron Inverted
Per Fess Sable and GulesPer Fess Sable and Gules
Per PalePer Pale
Per PallPer Pall
Per Pall InvertedPer Pall Inverted
Per SaltirePer Saltire

Tierced Per PaleTierced Per Pale
Tierced Per FessTierced Per Fess

Varied fields
BarryBarry Sable and Vert
PalyPaly Or and Vert
BendyBendy Purpure and Vert
Bendy SinisterBendy Sinister Gules and Argent
ChevronyChevrony Argent and Azure

ChequyChequy Purpure and Or
LozengyLozengy Azure and Or
FusilyFusily Purpure and Argent
PilyPily Sable and Goules
Per Pale BarryPer Pale Barry Purpur and Ermine
Paly BendyPaly Bendy Sable and Or
Barry BendyBarry Bendy Vert and Argent

Gyronny of 12Gyronny of 12 Azure and Gules
Gyronny of 6Gyronny of 6 Argent and Sable
Gyronny of 6Gyronny of 6 Azure and Or
Quarterly of 6Quarterly of 6 Plumette and Purpure
Quarterly of 9Quarterly of 9 Sable and Ermine

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