Things for Heralds
A Device Scribble Sheets
Here is a Device Scribble Sheet, You can print this out and draw several sample arms till you get one you like.
This chapter is for those heralds out there who would like som resources to help them be a herald.

SCA College of Arms - Rules and Regulations

Thinking about A divice for your persona, Well have a look at my little heraldry book, Just click on the banner below.

The Name subbmision Form
The Device subbmision Form
The Badge subbmision Form
Heraldic Subbmision Form
In the SCA, if you want to register your heraldry you will need send some forms to your college of Heralds. The forms will look rather like these three to the right here. The forms are different in each Kingdom and as I cannot maintain copies for each kingdom. So I would suggest that you contact the college of heralds in your kingdom for the corect copies of the pertanent forms you'll need. They can also tell you how many copies you'll need and how much it will all cost.

A Device Scribble Sheet I,m one of those heralds who likes to sit down with someone and do a lot of scribbleing on the heater shape to finalize that person's arms. So I drew up this scribble sheet to use myself or to send them home with it so they can try out thier own ideas. Please feel free to print out as many of them as you want, for yourself or others. I keep a bunch of them in my herald file folder all the time. I hope it is usefull for you too.

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