Lion Postures Lions with attitude linesAll beasts and such things can be represented in a line or as I prefer to call it a "Stick Figure" format. As shown above three lions shown with posture lines in their silouettes. Below are several images of lions in many postures and attitudes, what postures and/or attitudes will be displayed when the curser is held on an image for a moment (browsers 3X and up.)

A lion Rampant A lion Passant Guardant A lion Passant A lion Rampant Guardant A lion Rampant Reguardant A lion Erased Head A lion Head Guardant A lion Double-Queued A lion queue fourchy A lion queue nowed A lion cowed A lion truncated at snout and claws A lion defaced A lion dismembered A lion with Collar and Chain A lion Retrieving A lion salient A lion sejant, sinister A lion sejant A lion sejant with pierced tail A lion sejant, the right forpaw raised A lion passant reguardant A demi lion reguardant A lion trunk couped A demi lion issuant, with crown around neck A demi lion issuant reguardant with a crenelated crown A lion sejant A lion sejant with front paws raised Two lions counter passant Two lions turned away from one another Two lions respectant A lion standing A lion standing with outstretched tail A lion couchant A lion sleeping A lion bicorporate A lion tricorporate A lion bicapitated A lion counter-sejant A lion winged, standing A St. Mark's lion sejant A St. Mark's lion from the Ionian Islands A sea lion with raised tail A sea lion with lowered tail A sea lion with lowered tail upright A sea lion with dragon's tail A lion chimera

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