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Before you
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  1. I can't do heraldic consultation over the web.
  2. I can't find your name origin or history.
  3. I can't do your genealogy research for you.
  4. I can't blazon your pictures or drawings.
  5. I can't emblazon your heraldry over the net.
  6. I can't give you the "meaning" of heraldic things.
  7. I can't give you the history of heraldic things.
  8. I'd love to give more of my time to your needs, but I can't.
Why you have to do this?
the plain and simple reason I have you do this is to give you better service. I get a great deal of mail (hundreds a day) and it gets sorted when downloaded. So your e-mail must have "Heraldry Book" in the subject line or it will get sorted in another directory and it may take me a long time, if ever, to find it and send you a reply.

This is but one of many weeb Sites I maintains and I have a life outside of the weeb as well so I just don't have the time give people for all the many requests I get form all my sites. I try to rply to what ever e-mails I can around the turn of each month, but the volume is often times to much. So I have to choose the ones I feel I can best answer and that have the best chance of helping. You may be surprised at some of the stuff I get. I think about putting some of them on-line as a funny page and again that would take time.

  1. The Weeb Site very big. This is a lot to maintain, and I don't do this for money. This is a voluntary task.

  2. Please make some reference to any specific file/page or picture you are writing about, otherwise I won't know what you're talking about, I can't deal with it.

  3. Probably the best way to reach me is through FaceBook, I'm usually there everyday...

  4. I appreciate your questions and I love to solve problems. However, I get so much unwanted and irritating "SPAM" it's too mush to deal with E-mails. I hope to change this some day...

  5. If you're complaining about the spelling, tough. Did you figure it out? Then it worked. Let's move on now...

  6. Lastly, the World Wide Weeb, is a real place, if you're not prepared to handle, you should find some nice books and a safe hole in which to live.

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