Ordinaries & Subordinaries
A principal charge of bold rectilinear shape is called an ordinary (or honourable ordinary) and a smaller charge, also of geometrical shape but subordinate to the ordinary or other principal charge, is a sub-ordinary.

Several of the ordinaries posses diminutives (such as chevnonels and bars) while cotises ar narrow diminutives placed parallel to the limbs of an ordinary.

It will be observed that the geometry of the ordinaries corresponds with that of the lines of patition, on the previous page.

a Fess OrErminoise, a Fess Or
Bars ArgentSable, 2 Bars Argent
a BarrulettSable, a Barrulett Argent

a Pale Or a Pale OR
a Pallets a pallets Agent
a Tierce a Tierce
a Pile a pile
a Pile inverted a pile invected

a Bend OrPurpure a Bend Or
a Bendlets a Bendlets argent
a Riband a Riband
a Bend Sinister Or a Bend Sinister Or
a Bendlet Sinister

a Chevron a Chevron Or
a Chevonelschevonels
a Chevron inverted a Chevron Invected
a Chevronel Inverted a chevonel invected

a Cross OrAzure a Cross Or
a Fillet Cross Argent
a Saltire OrErmine a Saltire Or
a Fillet Saltire
a PallPotent a Pall Or
a Fillet Pall
a Pall Inverted

a or
a or
a or
a or
a or
a or
a or
a or

a Chief Or a Chief Or
a Base Or a Base Or
a Canton Or a Canton Or
a Canton Sinister Or a Canton Sinister Or
a Gyron Or a Gyron Or
a Quarter Or a Quarter Or

a Bordure OrGules a Bordure Or
an Orle OrSable an Orle Or
Double Tressure Sable a Double Tressure Sable
an InescutcheonAn Inescutcheon
a Label Or a Label Or
Flanches OrFlanches Or

Geometric Charges
Annulet a Annulet
Billet a Billet
Cartouche a Cartouche
Delf a Delf
Fret a Fret
Fusil a Fusil
Lozenge a Lozenge
Mascle a Mascle
Roustre a Roustre
Roundel a Roundel
Goute a Goute
Saltorel a Saltorel

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