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This little heraldry book is primaraly a book about how to draw/make a coat of arms. As well I will cover many of the conventions which have developed over the ceturies people have been "doing" heraldry. This book started because I find it fun drawing the images. Then I thought it would be good to put a fairly concice review of the rules and concepts of heraldry on-line. Though I am in the Society for Creative Anachonisum I live in the Canton of Petrea, in Ealdormere (Peterborough, Ontario, Canada) I did not make this book spacificaly for use in the SCA.

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In most cases a description of each drawing in this book are the alternate texts to all the images, and you can see that text by placing your cursor on the image and wait a moment and the name of that drawing represents will appear.

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I am constantly adding to this book, building, revising, updating and the like. Trying to make it as usefull a resource as it can be. So come back every now and then to see what's new. And if anything you are looking for has been left out let me know and I may ADD it in the book as well.

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