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On Dreams

It is wrong to mock the dreams of anothers
Our dreams are among the most powerful and precious things we create. Very personal to us, to ridicule someone's dreams can be a crushing and the greatest hurt.

People often assume too Much
Be careful you do not assume too Much, people are far to willing to "fill-in-the-blanks" and assume something to be true, rather than take the time to look, or even ask, to see if it is in fact true. For this these people pay a very costly price. By assuming too much they lose the opportunities to of growth and learning that come with experiencing the new thing can make people more judge mental and quick to condemn others. This will close us off from more chances to gain greater understanding about the world around us.

Everyone needs a good cuddle or a hug
We are social beings and we need to understand and appreciate this. We must touch and be touched cuddle sensitive and feeling So get away from the computer once and a while and give some one your good touch :o)

If you can't pay cash, you really don't need it

sugar is good for you, plastic is not
Your brain only eats sugar

the internet is good for you!

green is a really, really great colour!

kids grow up to fast.

time spent angry is a wasted!

that this may be boring for many of you
Well that's too bad, you've read this far, there isn't that much left so continue if you like, or don't because what you may not realize is that I don't care what you think about me or my work.

talking behind peoples backs is not an admirable habit.

yelling will NEVER get me to do what you want!

this list will be continued.
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Well perhaps this page is more about dreams, aspirations, and beliefs, than just dreams. However it is my hope that you'll understand what I'm talking about by the time you're done this page.

Dreams are very special things Our dreams, aspirations and beliefs are what hold us up.

Dreams are very special things

I know that in my life I have said and done things which have hurt others and for that I

Courtesy is owed
Respect is earned
Love is given

These are a few thing I believe, they are not everything I believe nor are they permanent and unchanging or inflexible I am not a finished being I can change my mind and my feelings General good things.

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2006 May 28