1- to make a scale to measure frets you need a long peice of paper, compass, a protractor, sharp pencil, and a ruler.

2- Measure the distance from thw nut to the bridge of your instrument. THis length is the "Vibrating String Length" (VSL). If the VSL is easily divided dy 18 - say 18, 22, or 27 inches - it will be easier to figure. For THIS EXAMPLE we will use 18 inches.

3- Draw a strait line 18 inches long on your paper. With the protractor and you pencil draw a line perpendicular to the VSL (18") line as shown.

4- Divide 18 into the length of the VSL (18") and you get 1". measure a distance on the line perpendicular to the VSL line.

5- Draw a diagonal from the point on the perpendicular to the, end ot the 18" line.

6- Set the compass so its metal point is at the point where the lines meet and the pencil point is at the point where the diagonal crosses the short line.

7- Where the arc crosses the VSL line draw a line perpendicular to it. Adjust the compass to the new (shorter) distance between the 18" line and the diagonal and draw a new arc.

8- Continue this procedure down the line. The points where arcs intersect the VSL line are where the frets belong.

9- Marck your instrument - notice that the frets are further apart near the nut. For
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Drawing a Fret Scale
Nine easy steps to draw your own fret scale. I've used this method many times and it has always worked for me.
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