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The Truth about Moose Hatcheries
by: Tempus Peregrinator ©
Should you like to read more About Moose Hatcheries This is all part of The Great Canadian Wallpaper Festival story. You can read an abridged version of the whole thing by clicking the link you just read.
Now you most likely know that there are in fact no such thing as moose hatcheries, and if you didn't know that it's true ther aren't. For starters Moose don't lay eggs, they have live births which are quite somthing to see....

These buildings we like to call Moose Hatcheries are in fact simply storage buildings for road sand or salt or both. Used for road maintenence in northern reagions to keep the roads passable in the winter when it snows. Salt affects the melting temperature of water so slows the freezing into ice. Sand improoves the grip of tires to the road and will still help divers when the temperature gets to cold for the salt to be effective.

It is funny that a pair of these buildings do sortof look like breasts as in this picture, but they aren't offten in pairs. THis picture was taken in May and the pile of sand you can see is actually behind them, and most likely left over from the winter because we didn't get a lot of snow that year.

A few pictures of them

Thank you for your time :o)
and reading my little true tale.

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2006 October 28