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Couplers hold the cars together or at least they hold the cars to one another in a line behind the engine. That's what makes it a train, a long line of cars trailing behind a locomotive or engine. There have been many ways of coupling, though now-a-days there are only a few in common use. Most starter train sets come with what are called horn hook couplers, they don't look real but they are easy and we shall not be talking about them much more. for there are couplers that look much more like the real thing

Real rail couplers are ginormous things in North America, but these universal knukle couplers are on all equipment in North America. THis graphic to the left illustrates the working of these couplers click it for a bigger view.

Now I like to use these knuckle couplers, espesialy the metal ones like KayDee as well as the plastic ones made by life-like (proto2000) and McHenrey's All my locos have the metal couplers :o)




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