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Back in 2000 my girlfriend recognized in me a love of trains. I'd not seen it myself, but she did. She gave me my first train set. I've gone on to find it to be my favorite hobby. I've drawn plans for hundreds of miles of track. Now I have dozens of Loco motives and over two hundred car. but she's not my girlfriend anymore, it wasn't the trains but several other reasons, we've moved apart and on. I'd always had an intrest in the tracks, most spacifically, and though I hadn't made the conection she did. Now I've got a lot of train stuff and I just don't have the space to fill with the track I'd like to layout.

Night and day the conquering engines rumbled at their distant work, or, advancing smoothly to their journey's end, and gliding like tame dragons into the allotted corners grooved out to the inch for their reception, stood bubbling and trembling there, making the walls quake, as if they were dilating with the secret knowledge of great powers yet unsuspected in them, and strong purposes not yet acheived.
Charles Dickens, 'Dombey and Son'

This Weeb Site is about trains and track and things to do with trains.

There is somthing magical about trains, illustrated and illuded to in the passage quoted above, Trains are like great living giants made manefest by humans thier creators. Trains are great lumbering machines given life by human inginuity and geneus.


The story of trains is rempleat with amazing technologies, acomplishments and marvels.

Amoung the many increadable technologies used in moving the trains around are the bridges. and one bridge in which I have great interest is the Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge. This is not a big bridge and it's a simple elegent and I have seen one. I've climed on its remains.



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your patience and understanding is appreciated.

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