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Why Model a Railroad


It's about Trains- lots of them, and their apparent self-propelled movement over shiny rails. Multi-colored freight and passenger cars in just about every shape, size and configuration conceivable.

It's about an Empire in Miniature, recreating visions of the past, or the present, or simply imaginary. A small world where stormy winds never blow, rain clouds never hover, blizzards don't obliterate the landscape, and the searing sun is only a golden orb painted on the wall or ceiling.

It's about flashing lights, every color of the rainbow. Buildings, Stations, Houses and the Corner Drugstore, all glowing from within. An engine headlight beam piercing the darkened room as the plaintive whistle wails to the engineer's command.

It's about Handmade Rock Formations, Scenery, Mountains, Tunnels, Hills, and Valleys. Trees in every shape, size, and color possible. Wispy clouds painted on the sky blue walls. Scenic backdrops, some hazy and distant, some detailed and sharp down to the last blade of grass.

It's about small caricatures of humans in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors. People in action that never move except in the eye of the beholder. People in every possible pose or activity. Some with hats, some with hair, some with no hair! Dogs, cats, cows, and other creatures, all living in their little hand-crafted universe peaceful and quiet. Little communities where there is no crime, no hatred, and no war.

It's about train sounds of every era. The Chuff of a Steam Engine of days gone by. The rumble and roar of a mighty present day Diesel with blaring horns. The clanging of a Trolley bell as the wheels clickity-clack over the rails. The cry of the conductor calling, "All aboard!"

It's about Signals and Semaphores and Crossing Gates going up and down. Transformers, Track Switches, Curved Track, Straight Track, and Flexible Track. Control Panels, Bridges, and brightly painted Accessories performing just about anything you can imagine, even a Flag waving and a Fireman sliding down a pole in a Firehouse!

It's about Catalogs, Collecting, Operating, Displaying, Train Shows, and Train Shops. Restoring, Repairing, Boxes, Shiny Paint, Dull Finish, Prototypes, Parts and Lubricants. Train Photos, Paintings, Calendars, and Books. Tin Plate, Scale, Near Scale, 0 Gauge, 027 Gauge, and 072. It's about having fun! Creating your own little kingdom where you are the Boss. You decide what goes where. You choose the products to advertise on the billboards. You determine how fast or slow your trains run. You say what engine hauls what consist of freight or passenger cars. You blow the whistle,… and your Wife says, "Honey, take the garbage out!"

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2006 March 28