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My Stuff

I do reall enjoy this train stuff, well OK I somtimes answer the phone by saying "Trains???" in a very interested voice :o)

My Locomotives
This is a list of all the power on my table
My Rollingstock
I have a lot of these too may some would say
My Loads
well with so many cars some of them have to hold things, they can't all be empty
My Layouts
I'm working on my second layout and have plans for dozens
My Structures
Most of my structures are right out of that catalogues right now but given a little more time I'll get into some more scratch building
Stuff I Want
Even though I like what I curently have and am quite happy with it all, there are just a few things left that I would still like to have. I would like to model a water front with a rail ferry, a old terminal, a dry dock and a container port


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2006 March 28