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Locomotives           top
GG-1 AE 5 strip Brunswick Green an IHC model (348-9657)
TGV a model ()
2-10-0 Decapod a Spectrum model (160-81707 or 9)
a model ()

Rolling Stock           top
Slag Cars (3) a Walthers model (932-3141)
59' Cylindrical Hoppers CN or CP a Intermountain RC model (85-45101)
A set of the old style IHC cars in CP letters a model ()
a model ()

Structures           top
Wind Generator Under Construction a pair of Kibri models (405-8532 & 13005)
Spherical Gas Storage Tank a Vollmer model (770-5529)
Double Track Sanding Tower a Vollmer model (770-5770)
Gantry Crane a Vollmer model (770-5625)
Cathedral a Vollmer model (770-3739)
Water Tower a Faller model (272-143)
3-Stall Roundhouse a Heljan model (322-802)
3-Stall Add-On a Heljan model (322-803)
a model ()

Vehicles           top
Kabinroller KR 200 3-weeler Messerschmitt a Busch model (189-48800)
Citroen a herpa model (326-20817)
M154 LC Shovel a Kibri model (405-10348)
Tracked Excavator a Kibri model (405-10864)
Velociped (HOn3) a Sequoia Scale Models model (135-13)
a model ()

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