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You're gona need track to run your trains on, right. well yes, but you will need more than just track


Here are the simple bare necessities for a serious, even if basic, scale railroad:

Rerailers: the straight rerailers sold by Atlas can also serve as rural grade crossings. I feel they are necessary and I like thet curves ones too but to get curved ones I had to pull on off thet roadbed of a Bachmann E-Z-Track and it's only an 18' radius, especially for N scale.

Rail Joiners: You will need these they hold thet track peices together and aligned properly as well as conecting them electricaly, keep a pack or two on hand you'll need them when you least exspect it.

Insulated joiners: a necessity that is often overlooked.

Terminal joiners: much better than the cheap terminal track, terminal joiners allow wires to be concealed, but I like to make my own, I solder wires to the bottom of a Rail Joiner with the wire lengthwise so thet hole in the roadbed for the wire is under the track and even more concealed.

Odd straights: several companies sell packets of odd-sized straight sections.  They come in handy when freelancing a layout.

Wire: get a roll of three-strand wire from your local electronic supplier.  It is cheaper by the roll.  Wire sold in hobby shops is pretty much the same, but costs more.

Needlenose pliers with wire cutter: a most important tool for wiring, assembly and scenery work.

Screwdrivers: small slot and phillips head screwdrivers ought to be on hand.

Transformer: a good DC transformer can be bought through hobby suppliers.  Though the small transformers packed in train sets are adequate, better transformers allow more realistic operation.  Good models are made by Atlas and MRC.

Wheelsets: keep about half a dozen available.

Trucks: spare freight trucks come in handy - you don't realize it until you need them!

Couplers: keep six to twelve in the spare parts box.  They are a necessity.



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