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Wheel Arrangement
Whyte Symbol Wheels front to back Loco Type
0-4-0 OO4-wheel switcher
0-6-0 OOO 6-wheel switcher
0-8-0 OOOO 8-wheel switcher
0-8-8-0 OOOO OOOO Mallet (Articulated)
0-10-0 OOOOO 10-wheel switcher
2-6-0 oOOO Mogul
2-6-2 oOOOo Prarie
0-6-6-0 OOO OOO Mallet (Cornpound)
2-6-6-2 oOOO OOOo Mallet (Articulated)
2-6-6-4 oOOO OOOoo Mallet (Articulated)
2-6-6-6 oOOO OOOooo Allegheny
2-8-0 oOOOO Consolidation
2-8-2 oOOOOo Mikado
2-8-4 oOOOOoo Berkshire
2-8-8-0 oOOOO OOOO Mallet (Articulated)
2-8-8-2 oOOOO OOOOo Mallet (Articulated)
2-8-8-4 oOOOO OOOOoo Yellowstoiie
2-8-8-8-2   oOOOO OOOO OOOOo   Triple Articulated
2-10-0 oOOOOO Decapod
2-10-2 oOOOOOo Santa Fe
2-10-4 oOOOOOoo Texas
2-10-10-2 oOOOOO OOOOOo Mallet (Articulated)
4-4-0 ooOO Ainerican
4-4-2 ooOOo Atlantic
4-4-4 ooOOoo Reading
4-4-4-4 ooOO OOoo 4-Cyl Non-Artictilated
4-4-6-4 ooOO OOOoo 4-Cyl Non-Artictilated
4-6-0 ooOOO 10-wheel
4-6-2 ooOOOo Pacific
4-6-4 ooOOOoo Hudson
4-6-4-4 ooOOO OOOO 4-Cyl Non-Articulated
4-6-6 ooOOO OOO Tank
4-6-6-4 ooOOO OOOoo 4-Cyl Articulated
4-8-0 ooOOOO 12-wheel
4-8-2 ooOOOOo Mountain
4-8-4 ooOOOOoo Northern
4-8-8-2 ooOOOO OOOOo Mallet (Articulated)
4-8-8-4 ooOOOO OOOOoo Mallet (Articulated)
4-10-0 ooOOOOO Mastadon
4-10-2 ooOOOOOo Southern Pacific
4-12-2 ooOOOOOOo Union Pacific

There is a cool thing about steam engines, they are classified by the numbers and use of their wheels. Most important are the drive wheels (the big wheels) but also significant are the stearing wheels (the smaller front wheels) and any trailling wheels (the smaller wheels in the back). This is usually written as the Whyte number/symbol. Often made of three numbers, four or more for articulating engines, each number basicaly refers to the number of wheels in each truck / bogie.

There have been and still are a few strange combinations, many in Africa where the track was made light weight and heavy engines needed a lot of wheels to spred out thir weight. So there were some cool arrangemends were two small engines were combined into one big or long articulated engine, like

4-8-4+4-8-4     ooOOOOoo ooOOOOoo
really looks cool, let me tell ya

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