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We're constantly working to improve this Site, This section is curently under construction, your patience is appreciated       This is my weebsite to the clothing I first loved, the clothing of the eighteenth century. I used to wear eighteenth century styled clothing when I was in high school I've found over the years that others are interested and so I want to share what I know about this era, when men's clothes reached thier pinucle and never came back.

I know there isn't much text in this site yet, but I am working on it and I do hope you will find the images in the galleries of greater use at this time.

My interest in eighteenth century clothing is predominently in the clothes of men and so this site will be about mostly menswear. Thoughthere is some crossover and I will talk about dresses in a few pages. I have also found that information about women's cloths from the time is out there and easier to get.

The time of theis site will also focus more on the early eitghteenth cetury, My favourite periode was 1706 to 1752 with the hight of men's fashions being reached around 1742


Many times I've been asked why I like the clothes from the time, well look at them! how can you not love the mens cloths, the women's clothes are alright but the men's WOW! Fan vented skirts on a gracfule long coat oo sexy ;o)


This Weeb Site is currently UNDER CONSTRUCTION,
your patience and understanding is appreciated.

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