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The Kitchen

This shows where the kitchen is going to be built. You may be able to see the markings showing were the eight walls will go. It'll be between the two trees in the middle of the picture. The fence goes around teh kitchen the posts are light coloured in this picture.
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The Kitchen is going to be the biggest of the out-buildings I see it as kitchen, dining and living room. It will be a good roof to get out of the rain the kitchen will be octagonal and the lower walls will be built log-end. At this point I'm planing to have a vent/chimney out the peek of the roof so to vent the cooking smoke though there will most likely be a bar-b-que or cooking bit beside the kitchen as well the fire pit is outside the fence and just across the driveway from the kitchen.

Conveniently located between many structures and facilities the kitchen will most significantly be a large roof for sheltering from the rain...


At this time the kitchen has been on hold since the fire. the 8 posts were sunk to get them out of the way, and to make the laocation. Plans to build the roof are on hold till other projects are done...


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2013 June 16