Job #1 - What Size?
Job #2 - Framework
Job #3 - Foundation
Job #4 - Walls
Job #5 - Roof
Job #6 - Doors
Appendix A
Appendix B
the Templates
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It's Easy -
These plans are divided into six easy jobs. Please read the entire book first BEFORE buying or cutting any materials. but remember -- the plan book has a ton of information in it to cover almost any design need -- Tour project will only use a small part of everything that's shown.

  1. Plan your project by choosing design options.
  2. Determine basic project size by referring to Job #1
  3. Make a material list for each job.
  4. Now you're ready to build!
Ragnar Note:
These metal plates have made it a lot easier to build the cabin. I've put all this information on-line to help others build their own building like this. However I do recommend that you get your hands on a set of these plates, they won't cost a lot when compared to the cost of your whole building, and it will be worth it :o) Now we spent $75CAD for the plates and delivery and then I studied the instructions very carefully and very long to work-out all I needed to know. The templates were very useful too, they saved me lot of time, trouble and effort. I think it's worth getting just for templates.
Want to get you some
see my Page O'Links.

Ice Fishing Hut

Wood Shed

Corn Crib

Machinery Shed


Storage Building

Vertical-Sided Building




Basic Framework


Covered Sandbox


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