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The Fire
In July 2005 the cabin was hit by lightning and burnt to the floor. Though Mom an I are both saddened by this we've cleaned-up the mess and decided that we will rebuild. We will lay new foundations, a little farther from the trees and I've changed the layout and several other things about how we're going to build this new cabin, I think this time it will go up faster, easier and it'll be better.

We asked a dozen people in the know, if we needed a lightning rod, and they all told us no.


Among the many things lost in the fire was the Four Seasons Stained Glass Windows

In October 2005 we'd cleaned up most of the rubble and we dug up all but one of the rocks which had been in the way the first time we built the cabin. Also the ground was leveled more and posts were sunk to be the foundation of the new cabin.

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2006 February 28