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Historic Clothing and Garb SitesHistory of Clothing Sites
Look at the clothing of mediaeval European up to around 1300 with the bliaud and how to make them todayTempus' Early Period Garb Site
About the Cotehardie, the first tailored garment and the houpelande, marking the hight of conspicuous consumptionThe Cotehardie & Houpelande Site
Looks at the clothing of the high Renaissance with an emphasis on the clothing of the LandsknechtThe Real Landsknecht Homepage
Go to Tempus Peregrinator's Elizabethan Garb SiteTempus' Elizabethan Garb Site
A look of Eighteenth Century European cloths, primarily at men's fashions from 1700 to 1750My 18th Century Garb Site
Looks at how to fold wear and store a Great KiltMy Great Kilt Site
A look at the Kimono, construction, design, and other contemporary garbMy Kimono Site
Go to Tempus Peregrinator's Sewing & Garb Accessories SiteMy Sewing Site
Take care, I'm working back here to make this a better siteWe are constantly working to improve this Site, This section is curently under construction, your patience is appreciated The history of clothing begins a long time ago,

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