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Please send me your Heraldry Question, but keep in mind that:

Before you
send an

  1. I can't do heraldic consultation over the web.
  2. I can't find your name origin or history.
  3. I can't do your genealogy research for you.
  4. I can't blazon your pictures or drawings.
  5. I can't emblazon your heraldry over the net.
  6. I can't give you the "meaning" of heraldic things.
  7. I can't give you the history of heraldic things.
  8. I'd love to give more of my time to your needs, but I can't.

Why you have to do this?
the plain and simple reson I have you do this is to give you better service. I get a great deal of mail (hundreds a day) and it gets sorted when downloaded. So your e-mail must have "Heraldry Book" in the subject line or it will get sorted in another directory and it may take me a long time, if ever, to find it and send you a reply.

This is but one of many weeb Sites I maintains and I have a life outside of the weeb as well so I just don't have the time give people for all the many requests I get form all my sites. I try to rply to what ever e-mails I can around the turn of each month, but the volume is often times to much. So I have to choose the ones I feel I can best answer and that have the best chance of helping. You may be surprised at some of the stuff I get. I think about putting some of them on-line as a funny page and again that would take time.

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