Tempus Peregrinator's Little Heraldry Book
Welcome Page
Table of Content
Why Have Arms
What's a Blazon
Lets' Emblazon
Shield or Heater
Tincture (colour)
Field Divisions
Lines & Things
Heraldic Charges,
Buildings, Church, Crosses, People, Home, Plant, Tools, Weapons, Miscellaneous Reserved & Prohibited
Heraldic Beasts,
Beasts, Cats, Crawly, Fish, Wingged
Attitudes & Attributes
Postures of Charges
Badges & Insignia
Flags & Banners
About those Peers
Crowns & Coronets
Forms of Address
About SCA Names
Good Name Books
For SCA Heralds
Develop Persona
The Disclaimer
I am working back her, We'll never stop building this Site, these pages are always under construction