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Cloaks or Coat
In this period there were a lot of overcoat or Surcoat like garments and so there are actualy fewer cloaks in use by the waelthier people, in stead they wore cloaks with sleeves very much a full coat. However among the ordinary people and as a fallback for anyone any of the variations of a circular cloak was worn.

Cloaks worn by Landsknechts were typical of the period. Embelished as they might with the times, though such embelishments were rare as the cloak was less effective with a lot of slashes and holes in it. Since the cloak was usually worn for protection from the weather, filling it full of holes would seriously reduce the wether resistance. As a very utilitarian garment the cloak was left whole, sometimes embroidered but left as a plain and simple circular cloak. Besides it was more the fashion to have flamboyant garb, the cloak was used to protect your real garb.

Henry VIII 1542Francis I, King of FranceAnd all this said it was even more common for a fellow to wear a surcoat like that big one in the famous painting of Henry VIII (left) and Francis I, King of France (right)

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