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Doublets, Surcoats, Dress, Other

More informations and patterns are available on the specific pages for each of these other items of clothing, Shirts, Leggings, Shoes, Hats, and Cloaks. There are links on those pages to even more details about those respective items of clothing on my sewing Site.

What folows are a bunch of patterrs from the "Renaissance," which can be adapted to the styles of the Landsknechte.

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Doublet Patterns

This is a renaissance doublet with a full length V front and a plastron.

This is one is the one Henry VIII is wearing under is great overcoat and Jerkin in his most famous painting and is prety much "the basic doublet" patern of the "Renaissence." Take this one and run with it slash it or attach "Bases" to it, just have funn.

Here is .

This is a great doublet patern to use if you have a shirt with a lot of black work, or some other thing you want to show-off. Kind of like the fad in the 1970s when hary chested men wore their shirts open down to thire navels, this can be used (it is not advisable for those with breast to wear this one as it may not stay on the shoulders.)

Here is one of my favorite doublet styles it is very flexable and the closur can be a couple of buttons, or buckles, or even tied. It is rather like the double brested jacket of its times. This was used for the pale green shirt Captain Kirk wears in the last season of Star Trek with the wrap around belt peice.

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Francis I, King of France This is a patern for the great surcoat worn by King Henry VIII of England very well known painting as well as this painting of Francis I, King of France. (right) This is a fun an comfortable garment but it is big and depending on your choice of fabrics it will be very heavy, but remember when you are wearing it

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Henry VIII, King of England, 1542And here is a patern of the Jerkin Henry VIII wore under the above surcoat. The jerkin front and back peises ar the two peises in site the arched pese whis is a patern bases. However when I now make Bases I like to use a large full circle gored and gathere patern. With cartrage pleats if I can, but the last time I did this I used over twelve meters of sixty inch wide fabric at over three hundred dollars.

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