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The clothing of the landsknecht easy to make but it may take you a lot of time. In general the cloths are made the same way as your average Renaissance garment but the outer most layer of fabric is cut with slashes. Cutting big hole, or slashs, in the outer layer your garment will cause it to looses a lot of its ability to hold the garment's shape. So you should be careful where and in what shapes your cuts go. You'll want the slashes to look like a cage holding the puff fabric against your body. As well as keeping enough of the otter layer structure to hold together.

Most garments will need to be sewn with at least three layers, the linning, the inner or puff fabric, and the outer layer. when designing and building the garment the linning is very important because with the outer layer all slashed up it looses its ability to hold the garment's shape The middle layer, the puff fabric, mostly has to to be bigger than the other two layers, so you can get that caged look throught the outer layer.

Now this being said I've seen many people build a single layer doublet with slashes and worn it over a huge shirt which was pulled through the slashes. The puffs though require a lot of maintenence because as you move around the puffs work thier way back into the holes, or slashes.

Probably your best benefit to useing the three layer method of construction is that you can tack all the layers together at strategic places to ensure that the puffs stay in place were you want them to be.



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