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Cloaks and Capes
As a basic rule of thumb superman, batman and them, wear capes were as real people wear cloaks. That being said, are many styles of cloaks and coats which have shoulder capes and things like that. So there are capes, they're just really short, if it hangs down to your elbows think of it as a cape. Though some feel that it should be the wrists and shorter is a cape. Over the many ceturies the true distinction between them has changed many times but it is more or less true that if your going to wear it it's a cloak and if your cloak is wearing it it's a cape. some times a hood will have a cape too for added protection of your shoulders, but again the other garment is wearing that cape.

The addition of a cape to a cloak or hood will give you much better protection from the wether and it can give the cloak a fanncier look. Now what you can do to the cape of a hood can be very decorative. Everybody loves a dagged hood cape. They look cool and you play with the colours and you'll blow-them-away.

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2006 March 28