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Cloak Collars
Putting a collar on a cloak can be done, there are however a few things you must keep in mind. like any neck-hole it is not at the center top of the body but a little forward, see my page about Neck Holes. On this page I'm only talking about flate cloaks, like were you may cut a hole near the center of a huge full circle cloak. Gathered cloaks are collared in a different way and that is explained on the Gathered Cloaks page. Cut your hole, face the front oppening however you are, sew the inside or outside of the collare on to the neck-hole and clip the seam allowence. This cliping must be done in order for the fabric of the cloak to open up and fit inside to collar. Now wen you stand the collar up the tabs of the seam alowence will spred apart when pusshed up againd the interior of the collar. This is good, in fact it is so good that you may want to sew them in place so they don't flop around while you sew the rest of the collar. Sew the rest of the collar. The whole collare sewing thing is looked at on the Collars page.

Note: I strongly erge you to make you collar as big around as your head so should anything nasty accedetaly happen to your cloak you can pull your head out before it happens to you. We can make new cloaks.


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