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Cloak Fabrics

The best fabrics to use for your cloak are nice heavy wools that will keep you warm. a good sterdy fabric is somthing to keep in mind, remember that your cloak will be getting thrown around and tossed on the ground around a fire or at the park. As well it will get steped on by you and others.

Never use a fabric with stretches like a knit, it will not hang / drape properly, it will be awkward and not look right.

Now if you are building a cloak for showing off you'll want somthing lighter like a suiting material, this will catch the wind and glide through the air, very Darth Vader

I'm oftan asked what fabric should I get that is light enough to wear in the warmer weather? The answer is that you wouldn't. A cloak is primaraly for protecting you from the weather, no bad weather and you're just carriaing around a blanket that looks good.






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2006 March 28