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Fitted Cloaks

Fitted cloaks involve some tailoring, because in some part they a shaped to fit the body, usually around the shoulders.

curved sholder seams

I don't like these cloacks with curved sholder seams, all the pattern companies sell them and they are nice 19th century "Opera" style cloaks but they are not

A nice short cloak (throw-on)
This first one is a nice short cloak (hip-crotch length) based on a three-quarter cloak pattern with two slits for the arms, it is a fitted cloak only because there are two darts (sholder seam) sewn from the neck to the apex of the nearer sholder.

To wear this cloak the front third is gathered and belted to the waist but the back is best left un belted and free to flow as all good cloaks should

this is the pattern for this cloak showing the threequarter nature of it, the lower half is the traditional cut with the slit for the arms cut in the fabric. Now I like to cut this out in a different way, the top half ot thei pattern is my way, I use a seam from the neck to the apex of the sholder (sholder seam) and then another to the top of the arm slit. doing this means the cloak is made of smaller peices and gives you more pattern options.
So it will most likly be neccisary to have a center back seam and so the traditional cut will look like this.
Here is the back pattern I use
and this front on either a bias fold or seam can look so cool :o)

Depending on the nap and/or grain of the fabric cut it out in this way

This is my favourite way to cut out the back

And here is the front

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