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Hemming a Cloak

After your cloak has had few days to hang, so that the fabric can be used to ... Now it's time to cut it and sew the hem.




ON any long cloak never sew the hem of the linning to the hem of the outer fabric. This can be done with short cloacks and capes, it will even help them look better.

There is a delightful moment at the end of the movie "The Empire Strickes Back" when the good guys escape cloud city and Darth Vader is a little miffed, he turns around an walks of the bridge as he walcs by all the crew in a pit to the side of the walk-way you can see the linning of his cloak. I suspect the after the first movie some washed the cloak and the outer fabric shrank but the linning didn't and so then the linning was longger and shows out under the hem of the outer fabric.

(he he he)

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2006 March 28