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Linning a Cloak

After your cloak has had few days to hang, so that the fabric can be used to ... Now it's time to cut it and sew the hem.


There is a scene in the original Star Wars movie were Darth Vader is a little mifed and he goes stomping off down the cridor away from the camera and you can clearly see a shiny line at the hem of his cloak, right were it touches the floor, it's a good inch or inch and a half. Well that is the linning of his cloak showing because when it was washed thet outer fabric shank and thet linning didn't and now it is longer so it shows. It is slightly poasable that they ment to do that but I doubt it very much. It is just part of the fun of sewing cloaks :o)


ON any long cloak never sew the hem of the linning to the hem of the outer fabric. This can be done with short cloacks and capes, it will even help them look better.


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2006 March 28