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We're constantly working to improve this Site, This section is curently under construction, your patience is appreciated Good News:
I've started to record video of me sewing some things. So I will be puting my sewing tips and classes online at YouTube in the near future. Expect the first to be going up in October 2015 and many to follow... The plan is to get the YouTube Channel up and running in September and then have the bugs worked out by November...
What you can expect to see is demonstrations and classes on designing, cutting and sewing GUSSET, GODETS, and GORES. NECK HOLES and KEYHOLE NECKS and FACINGS. ZIPPER FLY, OTHER FLYES, POCKETS, SET-IN SLEEVES, OTHER SLEEVES, and many more things about pants, shirts and Cloaks. As well as lots of sewing tips on USING a SEEM-RIPPER, SCISSORS and GUAGES, RUFFLER FOOT and other sewing machine attachments...

This site is about Sewing, there is also a lot of stuff about accessories to and of clothing. I have been sewing for well over twenty years, since I was 12 years old. In that time I've learned a lot. People tell me I'm pretty good at it and I do enjoy it, when I get the time to sit down and actually sew:o) So I've been doing this web page thing for a while now too and figured that I might just put together this to share with you what I have learned from twenty years of sewing. It is my hope that this site will be of some help to you. I will be adding to this site as I can, so it will be getting bigger and if you want something ask. I will not pretend to know everything and I would appreciate your input on this site and any of my other sites, Thank You.

I used to run several seperate sewing related Sites but I felt that I could save myself a lot of work and space by amalgamating them all into one larger Web Site, so I did :o) This new site is about Sewing, how to do it and how to make your own cloths or clothing elements. Now my interest in clothing is more for mediaeval and Renaissance clothing like we wear in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) but I often wear these cloths as my everyday cloths. I am well known in the SCA for the Hats I wear and so part of this Site, I love Cloaks and I know other people do too, so I talk about them here too, People ask me for a lot of help sewing Sleeves, so there is a lot of stuff here about sewing sleeves of many kinds. We all wear Leggings, pants, hose, socks and my "famous" Fancy Pants. And well since I sew stuff to cover me from head to toe I figured I should talk about Shoes too. Remember though, that it will take time to get all this done, as the old sites were under construction so is this one too.

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