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Baggy Ankles

Getting your leggings to fit your ankle is sometimes a bit of a problem, especialy if you are using a woven fabric. If you use a knited fabric its really easy if you have even had a problem I would be surprised. Still with a woven fabric you will end-up with some bagginess around the ankles. In the past this was expected and few people would have laughed at you for haveing baggy ankles. but some times the back seam was left oppen and eyelets sewn in the fabric so a short line of lacing could be there. This lacing could be tightened so the fabric would fit smoothly around the ankle and "look really nice" unless you don't like the look of the lacings. Also this is a lot of work for little reward

So you have decided you can live with the baggi ankles, good, now go sew.

so you want to lace your ankles, good lets cover how you can do that. You can lace the back seam or pick a side, the back is much easier.



Many methods of tightening the ankles have some kind of lacing of a slit in the outside or the back seam. In the back seam is elegent but difficult to tie,

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