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from Janet Arnold's book Patterns of Fashion

In this book Janet has these Pluderhosen (pants) with this great and wierd feature, they have butt cheeks

Well I'm often asked how I think the tush part of these pants is made to work, that is how they "bulge" out like real but cheeks.

This is what I feel it needs be done:

looking at the curvature of thet "cheek" piece and that of the "crack" piece the cheek has a higher radius curve now to get this to fit and have a three dimentional cupping for your own cheeks the curvature of thet "cheek" piece needs be eased in to that of the "crack" piece. This fine gathering will give ita nice bit of shapping and cup you butt really nice. Good for sitting on too.


And here is how I make my Fancy Pants

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2006 March 28