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  1. The Weeb Site very big. This is a lot to maintain, and I don't do this for money. This is a voluntary task.

  2. Please make some reference to any specific file/page or picture you are writing about, otherwise I won't know what you're talking about, I can't deal with it.

  3. Probably the best way to reach me is through FaceBook, I'm usually there everyday...

  4. I appreciate your questions and I love to solve problems. However, I get so much unwanted and irritating "SPAM" it's too mush to deal with E-mails. I hope to change this some day...

  5. If you're complaining about the spelling, tough. Did you figure it out? Then it worked. Let's move on now...

  6. Lastly, the World Wide Weeb, is a real place, if you're not prepared to handle, you should find some nice books and a safe hole in which to live.

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