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shirt-sleeve cuff

SHIRT-SLEEVE CUFF: A shirt-sleeve cuff is used with a shirt-sleeve placket and is usually topstitched. Stitch the cuff sections together, ending Vs" (15 mm) from the long notched edge. Trim, turn, and press (1). Stitch the wrong side of the gathered sleeve to the non-interfaced section of the cuff, placing the placket edges even with the cuff edges. Trim and gr-@xde the seam (2). Press the seam toward the cuff. On the outside, turn in the remaining edge where it falls over the seam and baste in place. Topstitch close to all edges of the cuff and again 1/4" (6 mm) away from the first line of stitching. Fasten with a machine- made or hand-worked buttonhole and button (3).

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