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A joining made by sewing together two pieces of material so that the raw edges are turned inwards and the flat seamed side faces outwards. There are several types of seam, notably the French seam, where the two edges are narrowly seamed together on the right side and the garment is then turned inside out and seamed again; this gives a neat seam with no unfinished edges. in a welt seam the material is first seamed with one edge projecting further forwards than the other. This wider piece is then folded over and basted under the narrow one, which gives a neat, raised seam, which can then be decoratively finished on the right side. in a piped seam a narrow strip of material is inserted between the two pieces of fabric to be seamed and this is then visible as a narrow piping on the right side of the garment; it can be of selfcolour or decorative in a contrasting hue.

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2006 March 28